Brussels - Belgium
Experience Level
17 years of experience in ICT
Education Level
Master in Computer Science, University of Antwerp
  • Career Milestones @Devoteam

    I had the opportunity to launch my career in 1999 @ the Mobile Communications Division of Siemens. Working on mobile innovations and solutions that are, up till now, still the corner stones of our current mobile digital experience. In 2007 I joined Devoteam and made the transition from telecommunications to Enterprise Content Management and ICT consulting. Since 3 years I've taken on the challenge to launch a new area of expertise within the Devoteam portfolio. As the practice manager of Enterprise Service Excellence my goal is to bridge the gap between customer's processes and the skills and capabilities of the knowledge workers who focus on goal driven deliverables. To leverage the needs Devoteam uses Case Management, Dynamic Case Management and Business Process Optimization.

  • Everyday life @Devoteam

    @My customers most of the time I'm in the role of Project Manager or Business Analyst. @Devoteam I lead a growing team of IT enthusiasts and invest a lot of effort in the development of the new practice.