Picture of Ronny Van de Weyer
Westerlo - Belgium
Education Level
Master in Industrial Engineer Telecommunication
  • Career Milestones @Devoteam

    I started my professional career at Siemens-Atea in 1990 in the mobile communications division as Telecom software developer. Soon I became team leader coordinating several Telecom software development projects. In 2002 I switched to the Media department, as team leader of a team testing ‘digital TV’ solutions. I joined Devoteam at the end of 2007 through the acquisition of the NSN R&D and continued my job in the Telecom & Media business.

  • Everyday life @Devoteam

    I work for a large telecom customer. Beside the continuous job to automate testing, I got the opportunity to take an additional role as technical project manager and currently I spent most of my time coordinating several interesting projects.