Brussels - Belgium
Experience Level
Prinicpal Consultant
Education Level
Industrial Engineer - Katholieke Industriele Hogeschool Antwerpen
  • Career milestones

    I have 20 years of professional experience in several areas : software development, problem solving, system validation, functional testing and load-and stress-testing. Currently I'm working as a Quality Assurance Engineer. I'm involved in all aspects of quality assurance: the analysis and challenging of new business requirements, validation and testing of the development, and delivery of the validated changed to the operational counterpart. In addition to this, I coordinate and manage a quality assurance team, making sure that everyone meets the required timings, with the appropriate level of quality for the deliveries.

  • Everyday life

    Currently I'm responsible for the quality assurance for the different mobile network products, mainly Intelligent network services This job allows me to expand my knowledge, my skills and my professional network. I represent Devoteam at the customer, but I know that I never walk alone. I have the support of great colleagues and the Devoteam back office.

  • Personal life

    My free time, I divide between reading a good book, running or visiting a museum. My holidays, I spend mostly in the North of Europe e.g. Iceland or Norway.