Brussels - Belgium
Experience Level
Director, 16 years of experience in IT consultancy
Education Level
Master in Civil Engineering and Informatics, Université catholique de Louvain
  • My main concern is…

    …to guarantee that Devoteam can respond to any infrastructure and platform challenge our clients face, by offering a unique mix of infrastructure services, IT process excellence and risk governance.

    Technically, our offer in infrastructure and platform solutions is focused on cloud storage, network solutions, operating systems, application infrastructure… Here, business and infrastructure architects start from our clients’ very needs so as to assure that our engineers and technicians translate their requirements into a custom infrastructure solution.

    An important part of making our technical offer work is how we organize the teams, constantly looking how we can group the most skilled IT specialists for the right job. Thanks to Devoteam’s approach in IT service excellence and governance, with the ITIL best practices in mind, our clients can rely on custom and cost-efficient IT solutions in the long run. And of course security is essential for our infrastructure and platform services. For every project, IT security governance specialists define security objectives and the processes to achieve them, after which our technicians implement the set guidelines.

    Devoteam differentiates itself because we do not just deliver a product. We develop innovative solutions based on existing products. We put ourselves in the shoes of the client, think and look together what the best infrastructure or platform solution is. We are not just an IT services provider, we are a partner. A good example of this approach? Our Microsoft cloud services offer.

    My team thrives when we innovate together with our clients. I consider it my responsibility to stay ahead of the pack and create value for the client. In an ever-evolving IT sector, with very fast renewal cycles, this added value lies in innovation. Maintaining our competences at the highest level while constantly looking ahead is key.

  • Every day I…

    …am mostly concerned about continuously delivering high-quality infrastructure and platform solutions to our clients. Creating value is about innovating, evolving and being a loyal partner. In every aspect, quality is a main driver.

    “How can I assure this is the most satisfying solution for my client?” is a question I expect all my team members to ask themselves every day. Making them flourish is also my main concern, assuring that they link technical competences with people skills and are able to think, conceive, create and write. When it comes to digital transformation this ability to quickly adapt, iterate and evolve is even more important.

    For me, it’s all about the team. In this branch for passionate people I want my team members to become true evangelists, so I regularly bring them together to have group discussions, brainstorm on innovation and of course just have a chat. This also helps to foster team spirit and personal contact in an otherwise virtual team of IT consultants who work separately at different clients.
    In a day’s work you will also find me helping clients with delivery, assisting the team in presales and working closely with our partners on extending our offer. And of course I keep a constant eye on the budget and overall performance of my business unit.

  • Career milestones

    From the very start of my career in IT, Devoteam has been my one and only employer. Entering the company in 2000 as a developer, I actually started a consultancy mission as Network and System Engineer at ING, rapidly specializing more and more in IT infrastructure and networks.

    In parallel with my mission at ING I became team manager of Devoteam’s Advanced Infrastructure practice, aligning the skillset of a team of 25 IT consultants with the vision and specific needs of our various clients. In 2009 this gave way to my position as Infrastructure Business Developer, further developing Devoteam’s IT infrastructure offer by creating added business value.

    I’m particularly proud of how my career path evolved at Devoteam. In a company that adheres great importance to team dynamism and individual growth, it has become part of my DNA. I’m now both an exponent of this approach as well as the person putting it into practice for his team members.

  • Personal life

    Heading our team of IT infrastructure experts is my passion. It offers lots of challenging situations that bring us together and actually give way to the greatest results. With martial arts as my hobby I see a lot of similarities. I guess for me it’s all about being part of a team, a true family.

    I also have two small children, so my hobby does come after them, but I feel that I am capable of maintaining the right balance. And balance is what it all boils down to.