Li├Ęge - Belgium
Experience Level
8 Years
Education Level
Bachelor Degree (BAC +3) (Bachelor of Applied Sciences (BASc), Computer Systems, Networking and Telecommunications)
  • First steps

    As a new employee of a company, I'm always a bit stressed. But, at Devoteam I found myself very fast integrated and I was directly involved in projects like rebuilding our demo lab or implementing a reverse proxy for one of our customers. I'm proud to be a member of Devoteam.

  • Career Milestones

    After 7,5 years, I 've decided to join Devoteam and to integrate the Advanced Infrastructure Team where I'm involved in projects based on technologies like: Cisco Unified Computing, Microsoft Azure Stack, Microsoft Private Cloud, Docker, Automation (Ansible,...) and many more that will come.

  • Everyday life

    Do technology watch, help customer to implement niche technologies, solve problems and being involved in the construction of a security lab at this moment.

  • Personal life / Personal engagement

    I am a sportsman practicing several sports: Rowing, Running, Mountain Bike, Swimming and Fitness. I'm a board member of my rowing club and trainer for beginners. After a hard day work, I spend 1 hour of sport before cooking, improving my knowledge, making personal projects (Odroid, Open sources, ...) or spend time with my family and friends. And I never give up.