Digital Transformation to be the best-in-class
  • Telecom & Media industry players are faced with a massive digital disruption reflected in intense competition with Over-The-Top (OTT) players, managing ever-increasing consumer expectations while facing the growing complexity of service evolutions, increasing time-to-market demands and profitability pressure.

    As reaction, the Telecom & Media industry players continue to innovate by building digital solution platforms that provide the means to overcome these disruptive challenges. They do significant investments to realize new flexible multi-service offerings targeted to customer segments, to seek new revenue streams and to drive customer experience whilst at the same time reduce operational expenditures driven by radical simplification.

    Network connectivity by itself is taking an ever-smaller proportion of the information value chain, while content, service, and product innovation count for the main business growth. As a consequence, Telecom players are moving in the content & media space and create a 360° customer experience as key driver for adoption and retention. They do so to anticipate on newest trends and the OTT players’ competition.

Our Value Proposition
Being a vendor-independent solution integrator with a deep understanding of the industry to assist
leading Telecom Services Providers and Media Players to realize their digital transformation agenda.
  • Devoteam brings the power of a multinational professional service partner to the local market, supporting your team through all the stages of the transformation journey. Our best-in-class specialists realize innovative solutions to tap new revenue streams, measure the optimum digital customer experience, and drive operational simplification to reduce operational expenditures. 

  • Strategy, Architectures & Design...
    Helping you make the right decisions and launch successful solutions
  • Build & Lead the change…
    Building and integrating the solutions in the most optimized way
  • Steer & Manage…
    Supporting you to manage the run and ensuring the sustainability of the solutions
Our Offers
We have a comprehensive portfolio of services in emerging technology domains for digital and understand the business context
of the Telecom & Media industry to deliver demonstrable value and optimize total cost of ownership.
  • Emerging Digital Media & OTT Solutions Integration
    Rapid changes are taking place in the way that people consume content. As the number and type of devices grow and the media consumption is fragmented, consumers are looking for a more cohesive experience across devices.
    We are your turnkey solution partner to integrate best-of-breed commercial vendor components combined with customer-specific developments to realize the newest media solutions and continuously manage the technology roadmap lifecycle. 

    Telecom Services Transformation to the Telecom Cloud
    Supporting your team through all stages of the change journey, from strategy conception to the ongoing sustainability of solutions. Our unique mix of technical, change and business expertise is the linchpin of our delivery success. We have most advanced expertise and track record in next generation and legacy technologies to manage end-to-end the Telecom Core Network and Access Network evolution.
    We roll-out and converge effectively newest telecom services, drive transformation by stepwise implementing the Telecom Cloud combining three revolutionary models for service-building: the cloud, software-defined networking (SDN) and network functions virtualization (NFV). We optimize the network load while facing exponential traffic increase and reducing cost of operation.

  • Media Services Migration to the Media Cloud
    As turnkey Cloud Solution Provider  Devoteam migrates your Media Services to our extensible and cost effective cloud platform on Microsoft Azure Media that streams your content live or on-demand to virtually any device to anywhere in the world. Obviously we integrate your end-to-end media management workflows (from ingest, encoding, protection, monetization and delivery) and 3rd party value components to realize a seamless migration with excellent user experience.

    Automated Solution and 3rd Party Vendor Acceptance Testing
    Devoteam provides Test-Automation platforms as a service combined with our turnkey professional services to target zero-fault introduction of new technology and offerings into live service. This ensures a smooth transition and roll-out, a minimized cost of defects and an improved customer experience.

    Big Data &  Service Analytics for Telecom & Media
    Start to monetize all relevant data sources, combining advanced data analysis with business knowhow to better understand your customers’ needs and their service experiences, to predict and target your sales efforts to increase revenues of new offerings, to become more proactive in reaching your quality KPIs and to optimize your network design.
    Devoteam as your solution provider turns your data into actionable insights. 

Meet our experts
  • Ronny Van de Weyer
    Principal Consultant - Belgium
    Getting the opportunity to work with colleagues on different big projects and finish them successfully
  • Benny Moonen
    Network Transformation Regional Offer Director - Belgium
    Proud working together with top class Devoteam professionals and realizing the business value and growth at our customers in a continuous evolving ICT market
  • Peggy Van Aert
    Principal Consultant Test Engineer - Belgium
    My job gives me the chance to prove and improve myself on a daily basis.