The era of connected customers
  • The digital evolution creates unimagined disruption in all sectors.  The connected Customers buy differently, people work like they live and new services appear every day.

    Smart businesses are making moves to outmaneuver the competition for attention, mindshare and money. This is the difference between thriving or dying in today’s digital environment. 

What makes a great experience?
  • Compelling...
    to capture customers’ attention and be present across all touchpoints including social media.
  • Personal…
    to get the most of customer insights (location, preferences, habits…)
  • Connected…
    to get things instantly done, anywhere
  • Relevant…
    to engage with your customer where they are and within the relevant context (work, leisure, shopping, B2B, …).
Our 5 pillars to help Businesses building a great UX and integrate with their existing IT value assets
  • Smart/Big Data Development

    Big Data Analytics, smart data collection and meaningful visualization in dashboards to grow business revenue and enhance customer services. Turn your customer services data in a tool, identify sources that create the value to better understand your customer, to predict customer needs and accelerate your business

  • Digital Collaboration & Unified Communication

    Collaboration & UC realizing the Digital Workplace and stimulating work environment to let your teams collaborate, share and contribute. Building on Microsoft SaaS, Office 365 Suite, Skype-for-business and SharePoint solutions to realize strategic advantages for enterprise organizations with productivity gains for their end-users.

  • Enterprise Services Excellence digitalization of business processes

    Addressing Business Process Optimization & Automation, realization of Dynamic Case Management solutions and implementation of change management

  • Digital Software Development, Digital Front-End and Mobile App Development

    This groups all our specialist teams to define, develop and integrate disruptive software solutions in the cloud.  Software is key in all Digital Initiatives across enterprise organizations, our agile development professionals are competence-wise aligned with the Devoteam Digital Reference Framework to follow the global technology innovations and best practices. It includes also Custom Mobile & Web Application Development,  Cloud Apps Development & Application Refactoring to the Cloud, and 1. Omni-Channel Development.

  • Open Assets API & Enablers

    Open Assets API & Enablers build the heart of the SOA architecture of the digital enterprise. Focusses on interoperability among the various heterogeneous systems and business applications, creating a uniform but controlled access to the assets and business processes of the digital enterprise for the realization of innovative e-services solutions in a partner eco-system to create new revenue sources and opportunities for creativity in the transforming business market. 

Our strategic partnerships
  • Adobe Marketing Cloud
  • Hortonworks
  • Microsoft
    Microsoft is a market leader in PC operating systems and office suite. The company also produces a wide range of other software for Internet search, digital services and mobile phones.
  • Opentext
  • RedHat
    Red Hat® is the first global provider of Open Source software solutions. Its communitary approach enables it to deliver reliable and efficient technologies such as cloud, virtualization, storage, middleware and Linux operating systems.
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