The new digital requires a radical makeover
of IT infrastructures
  • The digital evolution creates disruptive changes in all market sectors. Customers buy differently, people work like they live and new e-services appear every day.

    In today’s digital environment new digital customer experiences, fully digitalized business processes and rapidly emerging new business models will make the difference between a thriving or dying business. Smart companies already make fast moves to outmaneuver the competition for attention, mindshare and money.

    Across the globe, this evolution progressively blurs the lines between the inside and the outside of a company. Many enterprises are hitting that critical inflection point now. Therefore, the challenge of the modern IT is to understand and optimally exploit the digital platform potential throughout all aspects of the company’s business.

    In this new era, each company needs a radical makeover of its current enterprise IT into a truly Agile and Service Oriented digital IT platform.

  • The key to success of implementing an Agile and Service Oriented IT as such is to find the good balance between two conflicting objectives:

    1. Provide Building Capabilities to empower the company with strategic assets to act in the digital battle by:

    • Leveraging a flexible, scalable platform - more and more opened to the world - to efficiently manage the business demands.
    • Guaranteeing that the catalogue of the IT products and services responds to the business needs and to the exponential technology evolution on time so that the digital business can grow.

    2. Meeting the Constraints which could impact the digital reputation of the company by:

    • Assuring the compliancy to rules, the business continuity and the risk mitigation of platforms opened to the world.
    • Proposing a best-in-class quality to your customers, a continuous improvement of your services and an optimization of your TCO and ROI.
Six personalized services at a glance
  • To help your IT to find the good balance between these two objectives, Devoteam has  developed a catalogue of six personalized solutions which meet the expectations of a digital company. 

  • schema-devoteam

  • Cloud Stacks & Combination

    proposes different technology stacks (IaaS - PaaS - SaaS); public and private and an abstraction layer on which the Hybrid Catalogue can be developed.

  • Cyber Security

    key asset for the IT platform to assure the control and the mitigation of the risk, the business continuity and the compliancy to the IT standards.

  • IT Catalogue Design & Implementation

    based on our broad experience in ITSM, Devoteam proposes an iterative methodology for the definition of a catalogue of Digital Products and Services (Iaas - PaaS - BPaaS - SaaS).  Blueprints, complex aggregation of many IT products are designed to support the development of Digital Solutions (e.g. Big data, Microservices, Collaborative platform and Continuous Operations).

  • Automation Factory

    a full-service engineering and integration team specialized in the formalization, the simplification and the automation of the services defined in the catalogue.

  • IT Operations Management

    increasing the maturity of your ITOM by improving the visibility of your hybrid platform, improving the service availability and maximizing the operational agility.

  • Continuous Improvement

    methodologies and tools to improve the quality of your It services.

All these solutions form the essential driver to accelerate the development of your Agile and Services Oriented IT platform.

Our strategic partnerships
Devoteam is proud to have formed strategic alliances with a short list of leading technology partners. Thanks to the strength of our partnerships, we are able to provide the right solution for our clients according to their specific business needs.
  • Microsoft
    Microsoft is a market leader in PC operating systems and office suite. The company also produces a wide range of other software for Internet search, digital services and mobile phones.
  • RedHat
    Red Hat® is the first global provider of Open Source software solutions. Its communitary approach enables it to deliver reliable and efficient technologies such as cloud, virtualization, storage, middleware and Linux operating systems.
  • Cisco
  • ServiceNow
    A leader in Enterprise Service Management, ServiceNow automates and manages global IT service relationships and consolidates IT across the global enterprise.
  • BMC Software
    BMC Software is a leading provider of enterprise management solutions that empower companies to manage their IT infrastructure from a business perspective.
  • Cyber-Ark
    Cyber-Ark specialises in designing, developing and integrating technologies and solutions for privileged credentials and management of accounts that pose critical risks.
Our Digital IT experts
  • Arnaud Delcroix
    Principal Consultant / Solution Expert-Architect - Belgium
    Creating positive and fruitful relationships with our customers and driving the digital transformation through innovation and best practices.
  • Michel Sumbul
    Advanced Infrastructure Consultant (Big Data) - Belgium
    Working with high skilled people and the latest technologies
  • Olivier Potmans
    Director Digital Platform & Services at Devoteam Belgium - Belgium